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Jenna Hardie
Jenna is a senior and it is her first year writing for the Bugle. She joined for fun because her friends wrote for the paper. Jenna has three older brothers, Kevin,20, Brendan,23, and Michael,20. They all went to Boardman. Jenna doesn't have any pets but she would like to get a dog. She loves chicken tenders and the drink, Shirley Temple. Jenna's favorite movie and T.V. show is Avengers Infinity War and One Tree Hill. Although Jenna doesn't like to read, her favorite book is To Kill A Mocking Bird. Jenna's favorite subject is math even though she's not good at it. Jenna isn't involved in school, but she works as a cashier at Marc's and she binges Netflix occasionally. She plans on going to Youngstown State University but she's not sure what she wants to go for career wise. What Jenna hopes to achieve from the Bugle is become a better writer.


Jenna Hardie, Staff writer

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