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2019-2020 Staff

Annia Robles

Staff writer

Annia Robles is a 16 year old junior this year at Boardman High. This would be Annia's first year on the Bugle staff. She is a very creative person who likes to draw as well as read. One of Annia's favorite books is The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. After high school she would like to continue to Ohio State to work on being an orthopedic doctor. In ...

Bella Lochrane

Staff Writer

Bella Lochrane is a Junior at our very own Boardman High School. This is her first year writing for Bugle, she decided to join for fun and was encouraged by a friend. She lives with her two younger brothers and her mom and she enjoys chocolate ice cream and chicken tenders. 

Amelia Sapienza

Staff Writer

Amelia Sapienza is a sophomore, this is her first year in the Newspaper Class. She describes herself as ambitious, this is shown in her work. She is always looking to challenge herself in school. She is constantly working on new projects including, writing, photography and more. Amelia enjoys writing all different things from essays to short stories. A...

Jillian Rivera

Staff Writer

Jillian Rivera is a seventeen year old senior at Boardman High School.In her free time she also likes to write poetry.  She enjoys photography, which led to her desire of becoming a photo journalist. In order to achieve this goal she plans to get her diploma and attend the University of Akron. This is her first year writing for the Bugle and she expects...

Amilia Johnson

Staff Writer

Amilia Johnson is a fourteen year old freshman at Boardman High School. Among many of her firsts, this is her first year writing for The Bugle as well as cheering for BHS. She not only does cheer, but she also dances and enjoys baking in her free time. Her favorite book is, The Fault in Our Stars and she loves cherry vanilla ice cream from Handel's...

Janiyah Ferrell

Staff Writer

Janiyah Ferrell is a freshman this year at BHS. She moved to Boardman High School from Youngstown City Schools in the 7th grade. Her favorite subject is English, as she is an avid reader. She joined The Boardman Bugle because of her love for writing. Her 8th grade teacher recommended her for the course as well. Outside of school, Janiyah loves cheerl...

Elizabeth Amstutz

Editor In Chief

Elizabeth Amstutz is a junior at BHS and he's involved in several things. "Our little over achiever"~Mrs. Steeb once said about Elizabeth. She is in Boardman Singers, which is a choir group you actually have to audition for and work very hard even after you get in. She also participates in drama club and tries out for plays. She's also one of our editors...

Morgan Spearman


When it comes to an optimistic and independent woman, Morgan Spearman- a wise young lady from Philadelphia is a perfect match. She has a bright smile and a contagious laugh that can turn anyone's day better and more positive. Not only does her personality help shine a sturdy path for success in any way, her incredible amount of intelligence will guarantee...

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