The Boardman Bugle

2018-2019 Staff

Liliana D'Andrea

Editor in Chief

Liliana D’Andrea is a 17 year old senior at Boardman High School. This is her third year writing for the Bugle, and she is editor in chief. She’s involved in Italian club and Humanities club because of her passions for the language and writing. She plans on attending Kent State University with a double major of journalism and psychology, to hopefully pu...

Kailee James


Kailee James is a senior this year at Boardman High School. She is 18 years old as of July. This is her second year on the Bugle and she is one of two co-editors. Kailee is also involved in volleyball at BHS, this is her sixth year playing. She is a part of the Broadcast Journalism and Yearbook staff. She plans to attend Youngstown State University and...

Sydney Fike

Assistant Editor

Sydney Fike is an 18 year old senior at Boardman High School. After graduation she plans to go to college at Akron University to pursue a career in Mental Health Psychology. This is her second year writing for the Bugle, she is one of two co-editors. She initially decided to start writing for the school newspaper to ignite an even larger passion for Jour...

Elizabeth Amstutz

Staff writer

Have you ever met this incredible girl? No? You lost so much! Elizabeth is fifteen-year-old girl and studies in 10th grade. She is very creative and an active person. She likes to dance and sing. Do you know that movie trailers originally played after the movie? She knows many interesting facts. She wants to explore the world of food and try meals ...

Jenna Hardie

Staff writer

Jenna is a senior and it is her first year writing for the Bugle. She joined for fun because her friends wrote for the paper. Jenna has three older brothers, Kevin,20, Brendan,23, and Michael,20. They all went to Boardman. Jenna doesn't have any pets but she would like to get a dog. She loves chicken tenders and the drink, Shirley Temple. Jenna's favorit...

Maggie Parker

Staff Writer

Maggie Parker is a junior this year at Boardman High School. She is 16 years old and she will be 17 on Dec. 14. She loves school but her favorite subject is English. This is her first year on the Bugle and she wanted to join because journalism interested her which makes her a perfect fit. Her favorite food is chicken and her hobbies include photogr...

Nick Yallech

Staff Writer

Nicholas James Yallech is a senior at Boardman High School this year. He plays both football and baseball for the school, and this is his first year in journalism. Nick enjoys watching sports and playing video games, primarily Fortnite, in his free time. After high school, he plans on going to Akron University and hopes to become an architect. Nick’...

Yeva Kulinich

Staff Writer

Yeva is joining us as a foreign exchange student from Ukraine for her junior year. She is 16 years old, and is eager to start working hard on the 2018 Boardman Bugle. Yeva is a lover of all types of music and chocolate. Yeva also has a younger sister back in Ukraine. She decided to take journalism because of her love of writing. She even wants to b...

Chloe Treadway

Staff Writer

Chloe Treadway is a freshmen Boardman High School.  This is her first year involved with the Boardman Bugle.  She joined the Bugle because she thoroughly enjoys writing,reading and also editing spelling errors.  Her best friend would describe her as a compassionate and independent person. Chloe is always looking out for the ones she loves. At a yo...

Nasya Stevenson

Staff Writer

Nasya Stevenson is a senior at Boardman High School. This is her first year on the Bugle staff. She joined because of her passion for reading and writing. Also, her favorite subject is English, which makes her a good fit for the Bugle. Nasya is the daughter of Raymond and Odessa Fletcher, her father served in the military as a marine. She has three olde...

Morgan Spearman

Staff Writer

Morgan Spearman is a 14-year old freshman at Boardman High School. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and plans to attend Ohio University to work in a journalism field. Morgan joined journalism to pursue her passion for writing. When she’s older, she wants to be a journalist, if that doesn’t work out, then she wants to work for Broadway. Mor...

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