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Clunker of the month: May


lindsay 2

Clunker of the Month: May

Lindsay Tokarsky


1.) What kind of car do you have? 1995 Chevy Cavalier

2.) How long have you had it? 2 years

3.) What do you enjoy about this car? Good on gas, until the gas leak

4.) What the worst thing about your car? The gas leak

5.) Are there any interesting features? No interesting features

6.) Would you trade the car or recommend someone to buy it? Not to anyone

7.) Is your car unique in any way? Unique, electric blue

8.) Does your car have a name? “Baby Blue” or “Calvin Cavalier”

9.) What would you change about your car? Everything

10.) What’s the funniest thing you keep in your car? Snow brush



Boardman High School
Clunker of the month: May