Boardman Bugle goes online



Leandrah Hunt and Kristen Fernberg



This year the Bugle has transformed into an online newspaper.  This is the first year it has been online, and it is a drastic change from its previous paper print.  With the advancement of technology the advisors felt it would be best  to move to an online newspaper.

The Bugle started in 1965 as a printed newspaper and was carried on with the establishment of the school in 1969. Mrs. Crilley and Mrs. Matiste are the new advisers for the Bugle.

Mrs. Crilley is currently a ninth and eleventh grade English teacher, and is the Bugles head advisor. Mrs. Matiste teaches business and computer for all grades, and is the Bugle’s business and photography manager.

There are several new changes added to the online version of the Bugle. One of the changes includes a staff page where you can read about each member and their position.

Another improvement allows student interaction with polls, comments and several different contests.

With these changes and improvements the Bugle staff hopes to reach a larger audience.