Boardman High’s Envirothon Tryouts


Amilia Johnson, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 18 through Friday, the 21st Boardman High School had Envirothon tryouts. For those of you wondering what the Envirothon is, it is a competitive team event that is held outdoors. The Envirothon offers an incredible and enjoyable learning experience for the 10 students who can make it through a written test, which is their try-out. The 10 students are then split up into 2 teams that consist of 5 students. The rules require one adult advisor to accompany the team, but they are not permitted to help the team during their competition. Envirothon tests students’ knowledge of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology, and current environmental issues. The topic for this year is “Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.” There has been a team at Boardman since 2009, so this will be their 12th consecutive year! Miss Moran states that “[They] weren’t very good the first couple years, but they kept learning and studying and getting outside and asking good questions, so they got better!” The Boardman team has been in the top 5 in the state for the past 8 years. They were even the State Champions in 2013.  They came in 2nd in the State in 2018 and are currently in 3rd. It’s challenging, but the students in Envirothon love being outdoors and a good challenge.  The topics they are learning will help them to be good engineers and scientists, as well as informed citizens and community members.