Free Education


Amelia Sapienza, Staff Writer

Attention students persistent on going to college! Have you decided on where you would want to go or what you’re going into? There are plenty of majors you can choose from, and multiple colleges and universities to select across the country that have the perfect classes for you to take in order for you to get your degree. Whether you are going into an engineering, law or medical major, you will most likely be paying a lot of money. This is especially the case if you plan to get an education from out of state. But, is this heavy price tag fair? Is it worth it? Are there ways to prevent it?

“Only 30% of Americans who start college or university end up graduating, and this represents a huge waste of money.” – The HuffPost. In many states across America, tuition is a common problem when it comes to being able to get an education after high school. The average cost of tuition in the U.S.for state colleges varies between $10-35 thousand. And for the private non-profit colleges, the average is around $36 thousand. Families that make $100 grand a year often cannot afford to get into 60% of colleges in the U.S. Those families may hold very intelligent personas, such as people who may have been an A+ student, had a GPA over 3.5, and been very inclusive in their high school activities. Sure, you may believe that a scholarship or two will help- and it will, but it is very difficult to pay off tuition over $20 grand, which is a lot of schools. Very few families are able to pay out of pocket money, and often don’t want to be entitled to student loans. 

Education shouldn’t be something you would have to afford. Money should not be the deciding factor on if a student can pursue their chosen career. If a student strives for their future, then that said student deserves a chance and should not have to worry about being in debt or not being able to go to their dream school because of how expensive it is just to be there, yet alone pay for their books, a dorm room, and maybe even a parking pass.