Boardman High School’s Speech and Debate Team


Amilia Johnson, Staff Writer

Boardman High School’s Speech and Debate Club has been around for over 50 years, with students competing against other local high school students in many different categories. Their season begins in October and lasts until March at the latest. This year the club consists of about 25 students with a mixture of all grade levels, and they hope to start a Middle School team next year. Their competitions are hosted by local schools in the Youngstown District, and they can attend a state and national speech competition if the students qualify.  The team coaches are Mrs. Anzevino, Mr. Hetzel, and Miss Myers, and they also consider Mr. Simione as an honorary coach. When their competition season is over, they immediately begin preparing for the upcoming season. The team attend meets almost every Saturday, but not all students can commit to every tournament so they have created a team requirement for them to participate in at least 3 meets to be considered an “active team member.”

If you are interested in joining the team, the only requirement is that you are willing to practice as well as tryout. Some categories require certain skills such as memorization, and acting, writing, and presentation, but there are also categories where you team up with a partner and act out a skit. Then, there are also the debate categories in which the students can debate a variety of topics. So there is really a category for everyone!