Dancing All Night

Morgan Spearman, Editor

The students danced the night away with friends and classmates at the annual BHS Sweethearts dance. It took place in the Boardman High School cafeteria on Saturday, January 25 from 7-10 pm. There were light refreshments at the dance for the students to enjoy, there were also tables inside the cafeteria and in the hallway to leave belongings on during the dance. Tickets were on sale from Tuesday, Jan. 21 through Friday Jan. 24. They were sold outside the Boardman Performing Arts Center before school from 7:15 to 7:40 am and also sold during all lunches in the same location. The tickets sold for $20 each and were bought individually or together for a couple. The seniors voted on the sweethearts court a few weeks before the dance but then the court was set and announced at the winter pep rally. The boys on court were Anthony Evans, Peter Fernandez, Michael Flood, Jon Lick and Jordan Stackpole. The girls on court were Lily Essad, Marissa Melewski, Ashley Policy, Alycia Rowe and Madison Wess. The court played a variety of games at the annual BHS Sweethearts pep rally on Friday Jan. 24. Court was officially announced on Jan. 25 during the dance. The students crowned king and queen of the sweethearts dance were, Peter Fernandez and Alycia Rowe. The dance has no specific theme, for it has not for many years but it is centered around Valentine’s Day and will be decorated to fit the idea. Becca’s Closet and Gentlemens Corner can help you out if you want a free dress or suit to borrow for the dance. Becca’s Closet has an assortment of dresses of all sizes, colors and shapes to pick from to borrow for sweethearts. For the gentlemen who attended the dance can borrow a suit for free to attend the dance. Gentlemen’s corner has a variety of suits to choose from. This was a dance where students made unforgettable memories and danced all night.