New Improvement To BHS Library


Janiyah Ferrell, Staff Writer

The Library you remember isn’t the one you will be receiving in the next couple of weeks! This new Library is the definition of a book nook in school. It will be located in the gym hallway in the old faculty dining next to the cafeteria. The library even has a new look. The size is smaller by a lot of reduced space and it has more cozy vibes now. There will be new cafe tables so students can spend their lunches there. The books were reduced by thousands. Only keeping the books that will appeal to students like Young Adult books, Newspapers, and magazines. Also the list of books teachers wants to keep.

The library will be opening absolutely on January sixth but you can still check out books and print. The wait of the opening is because of the computers, The school is waiting for the wiring for the computers to be complete. The hours of the new library will be all day and all periods of the day long as there’s an adult present. Teachers can bring down their classes now and in the future as long as there is an adult or if they stay in the library with their classes. Mrs. Fernback isn’t sure about after and before school hours because there isn’t anyone to supervise so that’s still in the air.

For the freshman and anyone else who hasn’t visited the library the only thing you need to know to check out books is your lunch codes or last name. The book must be checked out or renewed every two weeks of having it checked out. Also there aren’t any late fees anymore, so a fresh new slate. If you don’t return the books by the end of every nine weeks then Mrs .Vicarl will give out your name and you won’t receive your report card. If you lose the book you must give money to replace it, or you can buy the exact book but you must talk to Mrs. Vicarel about that first .

For the kids in English Festival the books are in the library ready to be checked out. Mrs. Vicarl has received the last set of books earlier. Another new thing the school is adding are “Lunch And Learns’. It’s when a speaker comes in during the lunch hours and talk about his or her profession or give advice to the students or just simply educating us. Mrs. Fernback spoke about all kinds of people from the community and the teachers in the school visiting and talking to us. Mrs.Fernback and Mrs. Vicarl are very exciting for the new changes. Mrs. Vircal indeed stated that she has future plans and to get a website but she hopes it’s this is the step in the right direction.