Looking Good with the Help of Boardman High School

Janiyah Ferrell, Staff Writer

Gentleman’s corner is a place where high school boys goes to either Mrs.Matey, Mr.Phillip or Mr. Gabriel to get a decent suit for whatever event their planning to attend. This is a new idea that was developed this year by Mr. Phillips, he got the idea from Becca’s closet thinking it would be a good idea to offer the male student body dress clothes as well. The Gentlemen’s Corner is open all day during school hours and have they give students time to browse the variety of suits they have. Students can try the items on in a nearby restroom or take them home to try on if they choose. To check out any attire go visit Mrs.Matey, Mr.Phillip or Mr. Gabriel  or your guidance counselors.

Currently there are only 4 suits and a couple sport coats for any student that is interested. The attire in The Gentlemen’s Corner are brand new or gently used. Gentleman’s corner has received donations from Boardman staff and the community. Also they are open to all donations from students and community members. If you are planning to donate then you must know that The Corner only accept new or gently worn items. If you decide that you want to take the attire for that event but want to return it then you are required to wash or dry clean any items that they select, students are permitted to keep the items they select. The sizes range from small to XXL and The Corner is hoping to grow this organization helping students look their best.