Bringing a Fresh Taste to the Lunchroom


Morgan Spearman, Editor

Want a healthier option for lunch rather than the other lunches? Tryout the lunchrooms newest addition, the salad bar. The salad bar is a new edition to the lunchroom, that everyone should tryout. 

“ I also love the idea of students and staff enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch choice.” This is a quote from the creator of the salad bar, Ms. Winkle. 

Ms. Winkle enjoys salads aiding to the idea and creation of the salad bar. You may be asking what is the salad bar. The salad bar is a meal option that has started this year, it is welcoming students and staff to try new vegetables and get a healthier option. There are multiple lettuce options, and ingredients to add into your salad. There is: fresh baby greens, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, celery, olives, a choice of protein, cheese  & a grain items. With a variety of different salad dressings. Any sweets, cookies or sherbets are also offered to the students eating at the Salad Bar. These ingredients are all approved with the National School Lunch Standards. The National School Lunch Standards provide nutritional balances and low cost lunches for each student in school. All of these ingredients are fresh and available every day of the school week for lunch. Many people do not know where the salad bar is located or that it is even a choice. The salad bar is located, in the serving line across from the Spartan Express Line.The salad bar is a full meal hitting all of the elements needed to fulfill every student hunger. The Salad Bar is at the same price as the original lunches so you won’t have to worry about bringing in extra cash. Ms. Winkle was so excited to bring this new edition to Boardman High School, she felt that bringing a fresh and new meal option would benefit all staff and students.

Ms. Winkle herself eats at the salad bar, “I feel energized from the healthy veggies, I get to pick what I like and leave the items that I may not so fond off.” 

Vegetables are very important Ms. Winkle, she wants students to stay healthy and incorporate vegetables into their diets,“According to the USDA: Eating a variety of vegetables, and particularly raw vegetables, is associated with reduced  risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.” 

This allows you to choose different toppings to put on your salad that you may not have been fond of before, and allowing you to choose exactly what you want. 

Ms. Winkle wants to encourage everyone to try the Salad Bar, “I want to have healthy Spartans leading our way to the future!!”  Ms. Winkle found some of her favorite foods in vegetables, “I discovered my love for veggies and salad when I was in high school, I hope to encourage the students to eat healthy and realize they love salads too!!”

This is a link leading to the USDA website talking about food and nutrition: