Saving a Smile with Salvation Army

Amelia Sapienza, Staff Writer

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The weather is changing and time is flying faster than we know it. During this time, Boardman High School holds the annual toy drive. This event allows the under privileged children the opportunity to receive a gift for Christmas. If you’re interested in making a child’s day a little more jolly this year, there are only a few things you can have all thanks to our wonder-giving student council. Bring in your gift to school, but make sure it’s unwrapped and you pick up a tag from the main hallway by the stairs. All wrapped gifts will have to be opened to check for appropriateness and to see if it matches the tag- don’t be sneaky, BHS! When you fill out said tag, make sure you have it completely filled out and returned. Don’t be a slacker, if you’re planning on bringing a gift, it has to be in by December 10 in Mr. Simione’s room 156. Happy Holidays!