Quiz Bowl Captain Jakob Peters


Amilia Johnson, Staff Writer

Jakob Peters is an 18 year old senior at Boardman High School, he is also the captain of our very own Quiz Bowl team. He’s been a part of this team since his freshman year, and he says the best part about it is, “how competitive it can get, and the ability to meet new people through the program.” This is his fourth year being on the team, and he says his favorite memory by far is “Winning the Mahoning County League Tournament this past year.”  For those of you wondering, Quiz Bowl is a game that goes over topics such as literature, science, pop culture and others. Games begin with a tossup question where teams have to answer both correctly and the fastest. The team who gets the question right then answers 3 bonus questions, this then repeats 20 more times until a winner is determined.
Outside of our normal school day, Jakob plays the mellophone in our Boardman band. He is also an Eagle Scout, can count to 20 in German, can locate any African country on an empty map, and he wrote a letter to Ted Cruz. His favorite part of BHS are the football games, he says that “they are always very fun. There’s just something, whether that’s playing with the band during halftime or cheering on our Spartans, that gets me very excited every Friday.”  As a senior he wants to leave the underclassmen with the message of “Find your niche while you can. BHS offers something for almost everyone. Explore different clubs you can be a part of while you can.”