Millennials vs. Gen Z


Jillian Rivera, Staff Writer

  Millennial’s and Generation Z are two generations built from technology but how do they differ from one another?  Millennial’s were born around the years of 1980 to 1994 while Gen Z is from 1995 to 2012. Online there is no clear answer to where the exact cut off is but there roughly all around the same area.

Millennial’s or Generation Y have roughly around 71 million people around the ages of 22-37. Millennial’s have grown up sheltered. They became too confident and soon became entitled and narcissistic. This came to be because of their parents told them how special they are and follow their dreams even if they are unrealistic. The thing is that most people have a high amount of debt and all together consist $497.6 billion of student loans alone. Yes, that might be a very high amount but millennial’s have the highest percent of college degree from previous generations so far. Don’t get me wrong, this generation isn’t all bad they have great qualities just like anyone. A large amount of millennial’s aren’t afraid to speak their mind and express their opinions. They are not the type of people to sit around all day, they want to do something about it. Some of their most known characteristics are collaborative, self-expressive, optimistic, and social. 

Gen Z or Generation Z is the newest generation at the moment. So far, gen z is actually the largest populated and well divers generation yet. The thing is most of the older generation have labeled gen z as being lazy, addicted, selfish, and being apathetic. Seeing that the older generations looks down on them they have to prove themselves by giving them a feeling of  competitiveness. Unlike millennial’s, gen z believes more in being financially stable and a more debt free life. So far there are not much on the student loans for gen z has just started reaching adulthood.  Even though this generation is still growing up they have a promising future in the workforce. So far people believe that generation z will do wonders in the workplace due to the fact that they are great multi-tasker and rather have the human qualities still apart of their everyday.  Generation z is always more open to change whether that be someones pronouns to the way of living. Yes, gen z has bad things about them but also has some good ones as well such as being independent, open to change, opinionated, and being the true technology natives. 

There may seem like there are many differences but truth be told millennial and Gen Z are very similar.  Both generations have a lot of the same ideals when is comes to key social and political issues. These issues can be from the government’s role to Trump’s presidency to climax changes to even the diversity of one other. I feel if millennial’s and gen z will be able to do great things with all the skills and ideas they both bring to the table.