Celebrating Holidays at BHS

Jillian Rivera, Staff Writer

During December there are many different ways to celebrate the holiday season. Holidays are most often one of the joyful times of the year due to the fact of the food family and all the traditions each year brings Many different cultures and religions have ways from Hanukkah to Christmas.  

In the United States, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday during December. During this time kids try to behave because Santa is coming to town and will only give them gifts if they are on his good list. Christmas time is a happy time with many traditions from decorating a tree to making cookies. December 25 is the day it is celebrated. For people who are more religions it is also known as the day Jesus was born.  

Another holiday celebrated is kwanzaa.  This is a week long event starting on December 26 to January 1. During this week, this is a time for African Americans to celebrate their heritage. Families have different pieces of art hung around the house as a part of their decor. African Americans wearing colorful clothing  such as kente, especially the wearing of kaftans by females, as well as having fresh fruits that represent African idealism.   

One more holiday is Hanukkah and during this time they commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Israeli. This  was started due to the fact that a group of jewish warriors defeated the occupying Greek armies.  One of their traditions is Maccabees that was when there was only enough consecrated oil to re-light the candelabra for one day, yet,it remained lit for eight days. The lighting of the candles last about 8 days starting on December 22 and ending December 30.