2019-2020 Men’s Golf


Amelia Sapienza, Staff Writer

     The 2019-2020 Boardman High School Men’s Golf Team had quite an eventful year- in all the best ways. Their overall place in both the AAC league and tournament was a stupendous first place. There is no doubt that their 17 wins for the season and 8 wins in the league record is what pushed them here. These boys work very hard to achieve what they did this season, and all this hard work truly paid off.

     The golf team at Boardman has been keeping their wins higher than before. Each of the boys, including this years senior Jim Goske, Justin Jones and Dale Nitzsky each put an important part on each field they played on from Fitch to Poland.The team put plenty of sweat and dedication, which brought BHS a whole lot of pride for all of our athletics. A few of Boardman’s wins for this previous season are here:


Away at Louisville

Away at Warren G Harding (Conference game)

Away at Austintown Fitch (Conference game)

Away at South Range

Home with Howland (Conference game)

Home with Warren (Conference game)

Home with Mooney

Home with Ursuline

Home with South Range

Home with Louisville

Home with Fitch

Away at Howland