Tall Girl Hot or Not?

Tall Girl Hot or Not?

Morgan Spearman, Editor

The movie, Tall Girl directed by, Nzingha Stewart is a very controversial movie for many. The movie is about a girl named Jodi, who has been insecure about her height for the 16 years of her life. With a height of 6’1, towering over all of her classmates she just wants to be invisible. She feels that no one understands the issues that she is going through because no one is on the same “level” as she is. 

The month that the trailer was released it was instantly attacked on all social media platforms. Many people were confused and didn’t really know where the story line was going to go.  The insults were talking about how the story line was not relatable to even the “tall girls.” The movie shows many different stereotypes and struggles that high school students go through. The film was supposed to be featuring teenage problems but ended up becoming a huge highlight to make fun of. This movie was very cliche, with the boy and the girl and the girl falling for the boy, and you know the rest. Many viewers felt that this made the film fairly predictable, but everyone enjoys an original love story with a twist.

The cast of Tall Girl is filled with many talented actors and actresses. Ava Michelle as Jodi Kreyman,Griffin Gluck as Jack Dunkleman, Luke Eisner as Stig Mohlin,Clara Wilsey as Kimmy Sticher, Sabrina Carpenter as Harper Kreyman, Paris Berelc as Liz, Rico Paris as Schnipper, Angela Kinsey as Helaine Kreyman, Steve Zahn as Richie Kreyman, Bria Condon as Crystal Spitz, Shane Guilbeau as Bob Brickman, Christina Moses as Nina Dunkleman, Andrew Brodeur as Will, Jason Rogel as Dr. Sager, Gralen Bryant Banks as Principle O’Sullivan, Kelly Murtagh as Ms. Novey, Chima Chekwa as Maison Voodoo Presenter, Kerry Cahill as Gina. 

This Netflix original film Tall Girl, about a girl named Jodi who is 16 years of age, who is the tallest girl in her high school. She is very insecure about her height, she lives with her head down and wishing she was someone else. Jodi’s sister, Harper Kryman, is a beauty pageant winner of multiple awards,she is beautiful and everyone knows it especially Jodi.She feels like an outcast in her family because she doesn’t fit in. Harper and Jodi both go to school together but experience totally different worlds during school. Many students bully Jodi  because of her height and she just has to sit their and take. Jodi, meets a new foreign exchange student named,Stig Mohlin, who she instantly falls into liking for him due his luscious blonde hair, dreamy eyes and lets not forget he’s taller than Jodi. She thinks she has finally found the one, but there’s always a twist, Kimmy Stitcher, steps into Stig’s view before Jodi even has a chance. Will Jodi get the one she has been looking for? Will she ever come to terms with her insecurities? 

You have to watch, Tall Girls the Netflix original film. Form your own opinion and tell us what you think about it. This movie is a film for a highschool age audience, with many relatable events and a love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.