The Japanese Culture Club

Jillian Rivera, Staff Writer

Japanese culture is a fairly new club that had their first meeting earlier this month. The location of the club meeting was in room 205, with Miss. Kridler as the adverser. This group meets at least twice a month, depending on the teachers schedule. Japanese culture club does many different activities such as playing games, learning about different foods, drawing contests, watching different shows and movies, and most of all meeting new people. In this club their are no leaders, but rather everyone puts their own opinions in the conversations, helping to not create any conflict. 

I attended the first meeting, and immediately as I walked into the room I felt very welcomed, and everyone was so kind. During the meeting, there were a ton of snacks and drinks provided for the students. Some of the students had brought there own devices, such as a switch with many games to play. Everyone had split into their own little friend groups. People were drawing on the chalkboard, and the rest were playing games. There was never a dull moment in that room, from laughing with one another or cheering on the competitions.