ETC Literary Magazine

Ja'Niyah Ferrell, Staff Writer

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The ETC Literacy Magazine organization adviser is Mr.Shurtleff and has been for the past 12 years. The ETC Literacy Magazine has been around since 1970, and was started with a group of students who wanted to write and read poetry. The original adviser was Mr. Jim Kennedy. Mr.Shurtleff wanted to keep the magazine going this year to shine a light on some of the talented students here at BHS. The magazine is an opportunity for students to send in creative work that can be published.

In the magazine you can read and submit short stories, poetry, song lyrics, drawings, and excerpts from long stories to the magazine. This opportunity is allowed for the entire student body to take advantage of. The magazine allows and is open to all genres, although they must meet the standards of the editorial board and meet guidelines for published works. There aren’t a lot of restrictions however the entry cannot advocate violence or hate.

 All students need to keep in mind they have to have their name attached to their entry. No code names are permitted and you cannot send entries in anonymously. The reason for this rule is because they want to shine the spotlight and recognize the creativity of our student body.  Without their proper name, their accomplishments will go unrecognized, as it also it goes against school policy. Entries will be checked by the editorial board and sent back to the student for any necessary grammatical or rhetorical editing before being resubmitted for publication. The organization prefers electronic submissions either submitted to any friendly neighborhood Humanities Club member, or directly to Mr. Shurtleff at to [email protected]