Top Performing Halloween Films


Bella Lochrane, Staff Writer

Halloween is a classic film theme, having numerous amounts of movies centered around the holiday and its festivities. The holiday is commonly associated with spooks, tricks and scares, with movies about the holiday following the same theme. Warning: spoilers ahead! 

A perfect example of a scary movie to indulge in on All Hallows Eve is the thriller-genre movie Trick ‘R Treat. This movie explores a plot about Halloween traditions and creates a scary little character, Sam, to enforce the “rules” of Halloween. Sam is portrayed as a witness to every horrific scene that occurs when the traditions are broken (pumpkins smashed, legends disrespected). The film concludes with a main character’s past coming back to bite him, eventually leading to his demise. 

Another edge-of-your-seat classic movie is the slasher Halloween. The film begins its backstory in 1963 in the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, where a young Michael Meyers stabs his elder sister Judith to death with a knife on Halloween night and is locked up at Smith’s Grove sanitarium. On October 30 of 1978, Michael Meyers escapes the sanitarium by stealing his psychiatrist’s car and returns to Haddonfield on Halloween, acquiring identity concealing objects along the way. Michael Meyers begins his psychotic killing spree of teenagers in pursuit of Laurie Strode, the movie’s protagonist. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, after Michael Meyers has been shot repeatedly and his body mysteriously disappears once his psychiatrist and Laurie go to retrieve his body to finish the job. 

To end the scary, nail biting thrillers, Stephen King’s supernatural horror, IT is set mainly in 1989 and focuses on a group of social outcasts called the Losers Club. This group is antagonized by a supernatural clown dubbed “Pennywise,” The club battles the psychological manipulation of the seemingly divine clown and realize that he assumes the form of whatever the children fear most. The children defeat Pennywise, or It, as they overcome their fears and put him to rest. This movie ends with the group’s blood pact swearing that they will return to their troubled town of Derry, Maine as adults if they ever get the chance. 

On the other hand, Halloween can have some other fun crossovers into other holidays, like Christmas! Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas delves into the life of Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town. After celebrating so many repetitive festivities year after year, Skellington has grown tired of Halloween and seeks a new experience. He stumbles across seven holiday-themed doors, and jumps into Christmas Town. Jack decides he wishes to take the place of “Sandy Claws” this year and, in short, it goes terribly wrong. This results in Jack being shot down by the military. The movie concludes with Jack finding love and defeating the overarching villain of the movie, Oogie Boogie.

Finally, on a much lighter note, we enter Halloweentown, (not the one run by Jack Skellington!) the family themed fantasy movie exploring the plot of teenager Marnie Piper and her siblings discover they are originating from a family of witches after secretly following their grandma to Halloweentown. Marnie discovers her family is in a fight against a demon, who is later revealed to be the mayor of Halloweentown. The whole family unites their powers and defeats the wicked mayor, and return the mortal world.

Halloween movies are festively decorated movies that can be intended to scare, spook, and charm viewers and have a special place in our hearts as we draw closer to fall every year.