Welcoming Mr. Lendek


Amilia Johnson, Staff Writer

Mr Lendek is a World History teacher at Boardman High School. He attended Kent State University, where he studied integrated social studies, he also made many friends that he enjoyed having in his college days. He decided to become a teacher because it has always been a part of his family, and he believes that through his job he can make a difference in the lives of his students. Outside of school he enjoys things such as darts, basketball, softball, hanging out with his friends, watching movies, bowling, and basketball. He loves basketball and bowling so much that he’s a boys basketball coach for seventh grade and once bowled a 298 which is only two points shy of a perfect score. When asked about his funniest teaching moment he says that “[he] can’t pick one, if you can’t find something to laugh at everyday you can’t do this job.” He tries to commit to his students and build meaningful relationships with all of them. He leaves his students with the advice “don’t be afraid to be yourself.”