Welcoming Miss Blaze to BHS

Welcoming Miss Blaze to BHS

Morgan Spearman, Editor

Caring. Humorous. Determined. Generous. Fun-loving. These are five words that describe the incredible Miss Blaze who is taking on her first year as an AP psychology and American government teacher at Boardman High School. 

She went to college at Rutgers University in New Jersey and studied political science and economics. Miss Blaze was so determined and excited to learn and get more degrees, that she returned for a second degree in education from Youngstown State University. All of her studying and hard-work in college paid off, she wanted to be in business, but that was just not where her heart wanted to stay. She was always a trainer or involved in management, so she turned to teaching. It was a perfect match, as she fell in love with teaching. Miss Blaze has many hobbies outside of school. She enjoys road cycling, traveling, and is involved with two boccie leagues. She enjoys getting out and staying active by walking her dog, Jackson, at the park. On the walk their she enjoys looking at the flowers. Outside of school she coaches the girls lacrosse team at Poland High School, where she is the head coach. Miss Blaze enjoys time with her team. She is also a freshman cheer coach for Boardman High School, this is her first year as a coach for cheer. Miss Blaze always has fun facts about her personality and a lot of other things. 

A fun fact about her is that,  “ I have lived.” 

Miss Blazes favorite movie is,” Inception,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio released in 2010 directed by Christopher Nolan,this is a science fiction film. This is Miss Blaze favorite movie because every time she watches the movie she sees a new perspectives of the film. Miss Blaze enjoys her job, and her most memorable moment is when she was teaching her AP government students about federalism using cake as metaphor all week and then surprising the students with ice cream cake at the end. This allowed the students to understand and relate to the information and also get a sweet treat. Miss Blaze has her own unique way of teaching which her students enjoy very much. Miss Blaze class is filled with tons of hard work but also there’s never a dull moment in her class. 

When asked what her funniest moment experienced as a teacher, she says, “I have a new one every week.”

Miss Blaze wants to leave her students with with wisdom from the wisest, “You might make a million mistakes in life, but never stop laughing.”