Boardman’s Upcomings


Amelia Sapienza, Staff Writer

What once was the Southern Park Mall’s anchor store “Sears” and “Sears Autostore” located on the outside of the shopping center is on its way to a brand new renovation. Edward J. DeBartolo has made a turn in his focus from the NFL team the 49ers and took action in making a great change to the property of the mall. These changes will have nearly a fully guaranteed positive outcome. This new change will be known as the DeBartolo Commons, or the DeBartolo Community Center. This new public area in Boardman, has an incredible amount of potential to bring in lots of good to northeast Ohio. Although, what exactly is coming to Boardman?

Boardman’s future holds some exciting new builds. DeBartolo plans to construct a green space with a stage, an athletic field and plenty of new retail spaces that are on the exterior side of the mall. And to top all of this great news off, there will be a 37 thousand square-foot indoor golf center (Top Golf) with an accompanying restaurant. There is simply no doubt that these new attractions in Boardman, Ohio will bring in plenty of people. It’s arguably a very thrilling addition to the city, and it is set to open in the fall of 2020. This is DeBartolo’s thriving $30 million idea.  This new addition to Boardman will not only spark great new job opportunities, but lots of new smiles.