Melanie Martinez Releases New Hits After Four Years


Jillian Rivera, Staff Writer

Melanie Martinez just released a new album called “K-12”. She began working on this album in 2015 as soon as her other album “Crybaby” was released.  Melanie had an interview in 2017 with “Billboards” explaining that her new album was completed, but still unnamed. Although her fans were not surprised to learn that she had a card up her sleeve. In the late summer of 2017 she had finished writing the album and began writing a movie. This movie is based off the all the songs on “K-12”  as well as from the older album “Crybaby.” The movie “K-12” was filmed at the Eszterháza palace in Fertőd, Hungary.  

Melanie was born on April 28, 1995 in Queens, New York. She was raised by her two parents Mery and Jose Martinez and soon moved to Baldwin, New York when she was only four. She attended Plaza Elementary School and found a love for music thanks to her teacher Mr. Nadien. She began to write poetry at the age of five, she also painted and enjoyed photography. Melanie was known as a homebody and had very few friends due to the fact she was very emotional. When she had gotten upset she had began to cry and her peers had started to call her crybaby. The teasing she had received as a child, helped her to create the character “Crybaby.” 

The movie “K-12” was a continuation of the album of “Crybaby.” Melanie creates a story about a girl growing and the struggles she faces. She is trying to convey that society is a messed up place and everyone has the same issues. This is why her content is seen as incredibly relate able to the younger generation.