Amelia Sapienza


Amelia Sapienza, Staff Writer

Amelia Sapienza is a sophomore, this is her first year in the Newspaper Class. She describes herself as ambitious, this is shown in her work. She is always looking to challenge herself in school. She is constantly working on new projects including, writing, photography and more. Amelia enjoys writing all different things from essays to short stories. Amelia is multi-talented, she wants to pursue a masters degree in Astrophysics. Astrophysics is a very challenging profession but she will do anything to pursue her dream. Carl Sagan a science influence and author is someone who inspires Amelia the most. They relate to each other due to their similar interests, the both enjoy literature and science. In school she involved in multiple groups including, Global Cultures, Science Club, Spanish Club and many more. She enjoys being involved in a variety of school activities to meet new people and have a wide variety of interests. Amelia doesn’t have a quote to live by, but she always has an optimistic mindset. Amelia is going to make a large impact in the newsroom this year, can’t wait to read her work!