Morgan Spearman


When it comes to an optimistic and independent woman, Morgan Spearman- a wise young lady from Philadelphia is a perfect match. She has a bright smile and a contagious laugh that can turn anyone’s day better and more positive. Not only does her personality help shine a sturdy path for success in any way, her incredible amount of intelligence will guarantee nothing short of greatness in her future. Morgan, the second year journalist may not be certain on what career she wishes to pursue, but no matter what, she is taking the right roles with her high grades and an outstanding participation in school events. There is no doubt Morgan can soar and create a striking impact for the next generations.

“Talk less, smile more”-says Aaron Burr in the hit musical Hamilton, directed by Lin Manuel-Miranda. Morgan says she has always had a good feeling about that phrase, and there’s something deeper that keeps her motivated. She takes a high amount of pride in her work, putting as much effort in any assignment as she could. And to be more specific, this follows through with her passions in life. Morgan would love to pursue her love in journalism or sports physical therapy. She has attended classes over the summer to help prepare her for journalism, and plans to meet with college majors in both studies to help get a better perspective on what she is getting into. No, she wont be alone on this path to college. Her older brother will be there for her, especially since he is already away at college. Nonetheless, Morgan’s love her giving to the public will never subside. There is more to life than after high school, and Ms. Spearman is more than aware. She will only keep thriving for the long journey ahead of her.