The Great Mrs. McCrate


Maggie Parker, Staff Writer

    Boardman High School has amazing teachers hired as faculty, and one of those amazing teachers is Mrs. McCrate. She teaches Integrated math 2CP, and Integrated math 3G. McCrate enjoys teaching both math classes equally. Her favorite part about teaching is when she explains something and a student does not understand it, so she explains it in a different way, and she can see “a light go on,” by the student’s expression.

    She attended Youngstown State University to pursue her undergraduate degree, and then Kent State University to pursue her masters degree. When asked if she would recommend those universities, she responded by saying “I absolutely would recommend both universities. They were both great schools and I really learned a lot. I didn’t go to college until all three of my kids were in school, so I can’t speak to the social part of attending college, but both schools were challenging and enjoyable. Like any school you attend, you will connect with some professors more than others, but I enjoyed the vast majority of my professors. One of the things I liked about YSU is that its campus is easy to navigate to get from one class to another.” McCrate knew that she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was young, she just did not know what she wanted to teach. It wasn’t until she went to college and took a refresher course in math, that she realized she wanted to teach math.

    Some of her hobbies include taking care of flowers, hummingbird feeders, decorating her home, and watching HGTV for ideas on how to improve it (especially Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna). One thing she enjoys is sitting out on the back patio of her house with her husband when it is warm outside. One of her favorite sports teams is the Cleveland Browns, but in her response she said she may like Ohio State a little more, since she has attended a good number of games with her husband at “The Horseshoe.”

    One fun fact about Mrs. McCrate is that she was on ESPN when the Browns played the Steelers the first time they came back to Cleveland. Her best friend Terri had her Steelers jersey on and she had her Browns jersey on, and Kenny Mayne from ESPN was in the same restaurant so they both were asked by the local newscaster to act like they were arguing. In her response McCrate said “I knew it might be on the local channel, but I was surprised when it aired all of the next day on ESPN!”

    Mrs. McCrate is passionate about appreciating and not taking for granted all that she has in life. She has three grown children who turned out to be awesome adults with their own families, a husband she loves very much, wonderful friends and family, and a great career. She really tries to be grateful for all the things she is blessed with, because there are so many hardships and struggles that exist in this world.