Matilda The Musical


Morgan Spearman, Editor

The children and adults in the Easy Street Production of  Matilda The Musical were revolting and taking over the stage. This is Ohio’s very first premiere of the musical, a very special event to take place in Youngstown, Ohio. The production of Matilda took place on Mother’s day weekend, May 10th, 11th, and 12th. This musical is filled with upbeat music that will have you tapping your foot the whole performance, and singing the songs as you are leaving. The actors and actresses have been practicing for this event since the middle of March when they received the news that they were involved in the show. The students practiced constantly to make the performance unforgettable.  

There were 70 kids that auditioned to be the classmates of Matilda. At the end of the auditions and callbacks, the cast was left with 25 students.

The students apart of the cast listed as the “Little Kids” are AnnaSophia Viccari (Matilda), Zoe Anderson (Matilda’s Understudy) , Eliza Primous (Lavender), Finn O’Hara (Bruce), Caleb Mackay (Nigel), Lydia Andres (Amanda Thripp), Hannah Harnutovsky, Genevieve Quinlan, Jordyn Freetage, Lena Dill, Aubrey Vernon, Kaden Primous and Lillian Gerst.

The ‘Big Kids” of the cast are, Daniel Chiaberta, Caleb Bordonaro, Georgie Zordich, Mia Bordonaro, Adrianna Quinlan, Elizabeth Jadue, Corena Carolyne, Julia Ragozzino, Marie Ragozzino, Lily Cappuzzello, Kelsey Mickey and Morgan Spearman.

The adult cast and ensemble included: Maureen Collins (Miss. Trunchbull), Colleen Chance (Matilda’s mother), Brendan Boyle (Matilda’s father), Natalie Kovacs (Miss. Honey), Brandy Johanntges (Mrs. Phelps the librarian), Vincent Sylvester (Rudolpho the dance instructor), Stacy Anderson, Wil Arnim, Randall Brammer, Jessica Joerndt, Nicholas Locke, Alan McCreary, Hannah Rosser and Stephanie Scheckelhoff.   

This musical is about a little girl named Matilda. This little girl is very special, from her outstanding mind to having the ability to move objects with her eyes. She is also starting school with a very strict headmistress, Agatha Trunchbull. Matilda is shaping her own future, no matter what or who gets in her way. Matilda had to face many different challenges during her time in school. The children must endure physical education, they were talked to rudely and there were events students would never be able to prepare for. The children of Matilda’s class soon fall into the mindset of shaping their own lives and start Revolting.  Matilda must learn to deal with hurtful adults and having no one that believes in her, until she meets her teacher, Miss. Honey. What will happen to this little girl? Will she make it through school? Watch the movie “Matilda” or go see “Matilda The Musical” touring now!

Matilda The Musical by the Royal Shakespeare Company was first performed on December 9, 2010. The composer and lyricist of this musical is Tim Minchin, and the playwright is Dennis Kelly. This musical has won awards including, a Tony Award for a Best Book of a Musical, the New York Critics’ Circle Award and countless others. The musical originated from the Royal Shakespeare Company inspired by the author Roald Dahl’s novel, “Matilda.” Matilda The Musical is touring, if you are interested in seeing this musical done professionally see if it is touring near you.   

Recently, Easy Street Production has put on Matilda The Musical directed by Todd Hancock and assisted by Maureen Collins. The cast was filled with elementary students to adults. The group performed this musical on Mother’s day weekend. The set for the musical was very well put together. With three huge screens that showed the graphics for the different scenes as they changed.The set resembled the original set of Matilda The Musical touring now. The graphics on the screens were created by Kim Armin. The choreographer, Megan Cleland aided greatly to the performance she came a long way to be at practices and all of the performances for the whole group.    

The music for the performance was all live, the band was filled with loads of talent. With 11 different musicians to make it special. Michael J. Moritz is a retired Broadway musician, producer, conductor, and is known all over the world of theater. He came to Youngstown, Ohio to help put on this performance. It was a great honor for the cast and all that had the ability to see him and hear him play. The music for this musical allowed all of the scenes to flow swiftly.

The performers did very well, with a packed audience for all 3 nights for the public performances. In all, the actors and actresses performed 5 times. The group also did school shows for many of the schools around the area, they had two days of school shows. The musical was advertised all over the community from billboards, commercials and news debuts. This experience was very similar to how performers would be treated if you were in an touring musical. From practices throughout the week to make sure each person knew what they were doing, to stepping onto the stage at Deyor the week of their performances. It all payed off in the end when the group performed.

Matilda The Musical had a very good turnout. Each performance was filled with lots of energy and never had a dull moment. This was the very first premiere of this musical in Ohio, this will go down in history of the Deyor Performing Arts Center and Easy Street Productions. If you want to be involved in this experience check out, Easy Street Productions!