Are You Smarter Than A Quiz Bowler?


Morgan Spearman and Nasya Stevenson

The Quiz Bowl team is making amazing progress in their season so far. The team is five years undefeated and counting. The season began in November and after nationals in May. The supervisor of  Quiz bowl is Mrs. Nord, an English teacher at BHS. She has been an advisor for six years. Jack Pendleton and Danny Turillo are team captains along with ten others. Both, Pendleton and Turillo, became captains this year. The students involved in Quiz Bowl are Danny Turillo, a senior, Hannah Nawrocki, a senior, Bryce Edison, a senior, Jack Pendleton, a senior, Andrew Schrembeck, a junior, Devin Holt, a junior, Noah Heldridge, a junior, Alayna Turillo, a freshmen, Sophia McGee, a senior, Jason Roussos, a junior, Alex DePinzo, a freshmen, Justin Olsen, a freshmen, Brendan Butler, a freshmen, and Jacob Peters, a junior.

Quiz Bowl is a large group of students split into two groups. These teams go head to head to answer questions about all different topics. Some topics they will have questions from are current events, literature, science, math and many more topics. You answer the questions on a “buzzer system,” which is easy for students to get the attention of the judges when they know the answer. Some questions must be answered individually at a rapid speed. There are also bonus questions that that are worth more points towards the team, but can be slightly more challenging.

When asked about the how the Quiz Bowl season is going so far and when it started and when it ends, Bryce answers, “Well, both teams were district champions at the mahoning league tournament. We began in November and the regular season ended last month.” Bryce joined the Quiz Bowl team because he thinks trivia is fun and he joined his sophomore year. What Bryce enjoys the most about Quiz Bowl is the fun at competitions. Losing a round to Beavercreek made him realize that there are always people better than you. This was Bryce’s most memorable moment he’s had over the years since he joined Quiz Bowl. Bryce learned immensely about a variety of topics, especially literature over the years being involved in Quiz Bowl. His hopes for Quiz Bowl in the future is that Boardman’s success will continue even after he graduates. One thing Bryce wants to leave with the students involved in Quiz Bowl is “Don’t do drugs.”

Andy Beichner, a BHS senior is a member of the Quiz bowl team, this is his first year.

He joined the Quiz Bowl team because, “I joined because several of my close friends are on the team, and I love competitions.”  Andy enjoys many things about Quiz Bowl, “ I love competing in the matches and cheering my team on when they play.” He is an encourager member for all of his team. Andy’s most memorable memory was, “ Playing in a match where several of the bonus questions were about Wales.”  Wales is a country in southwest Great Britain. Andy has learned many things over his years about many topics, including science, poetry, etc. Advice from Andy for Quiz Bowl is, “Study as much as you can, especially in topics they’re interested in, and play practice rounds whenever they set the opportunity.” Andy has high hopes for the students in Quiz Bowl.“I hope they are able to continue their undefeated streak and place even higher at nationals.” Andy has put a lot into this team. He wishes to leave the students with one thing, “Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn as much as possible.”  

Daniel Turillo, a BHS senior, is a member of  the Quiz Bowl team. He joined the Quiz Bowl team because,“I really enjoyed being exposed to so many new things and having the opportunity to compete around the country with some of my best friends.” Danny believes that the team is doing very well, “This is the best season we have ever had! In addition to winning the Mahoning Tournament once again, we are ranked at 50th out of all teams in the World.” Danny would give advice to students interested in Quiz Bowl, “A lot of people are turned off by the idea of tryouts. I’d encourage them to take a chance and see how they do; they never realize how much you actually know!” One thing Danny would like to leave with the students involved in Quiz Bowl is, “I hope my passion for learning and desire for constant improvement rubs off on my teammates.”     

Jack Pendleton shares about what made him join Quiz Bowl, “I had done it in middle school and had always had an interest in trivia and facts. This is my fourth year on the team.” Jack enjoys getting to hang out with people he loves and getting to build deeper connections with people the most in Quiz Bowl. Jack advises a student who is interested in Quiz Bowl, “Take it for what you want it to be. If you want to win nationals, study your butt off and do it, if you want to chill and hang out just have a good time.”

The Quiz Bowl team is ranked top 50 in the world. Danny Turillo, a senior team member got 31st in the Individual Player National Championship Tournament and he was also selected for the All-State Quiz Bowl team.

The team attended the State Championship at Columbus,OH on Saturday April 13th, 2019.