Senior Shenanigans at Boardman High School

Senior Shenanigans at Boardman High School

Maggie Parker, Staff Writer

The students at Boardman High School have a lot of events in their future, especially the senior class. Senior year is the last year of high school, and students will be prepared for college before the end of this year. Some events, and privileges that the seniors have to look forward to are the honors assembly, field day, wearing shorts during their final exams, commencement practice, and commencement.

During commencement practice, the seniors will line up the same way they do on the day of commencement. They will be given their assigned places in line, and then they will do a run through of the entire commencement ceremony. The only requirement to participate in the practice is that you are a graduating senior who is participating in the commencement ceremony. The commencement ceremony will be held on June 2nd, 2019 in the gymnasium from 2 pm to 4 pm.

The seniors also have the honors assembly to look forward to. This year’s assembly will be May 22nd at 8:15 am in the high school gymnasium and should end at 10:15 am. The seniors will be recognized with different awards and scholarships at this event.

As said previously, another event that Seniors have to look forward to is senior field day. This year, there will be a dunk tank, tug of war, and soccer. Field day is immediately after commencement practice and the seniors will be allowed to change into comfortable, weather appropriate, and dress code appropriate clothing. If you need to run home and grab clothes, that is okay too!

Mrs. Craig-Yardas said in an interview responding to what her advice is for seniors “It is still important to keep your grades up! Even though most people have college lined up for next year, it is possible to have scholarship money revoked or admittance to a school taken away if grades drop in the last semester of school.”

Congratulations to all of the seniors on your many accomplishments!