The BHS Indoor Track Team SPRINTS through the State meet

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The BHS Indoor Track Team SPRINTS through the State meet

Maggie Parker, Staff Writer

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The Boardman High School indoor track team attended their state competition on Mar 2, 2019. Some teams that attended were distance, shotput, and discus. The indoor track team takes the top 24 athletes in a single event in order to determine a state champion.

For the girls track team, Coach Sypert focused on conditioning and strength for track based events and mechanics for the field events. Sypert feels that he has a solid outdoor track team and used that as a philosophy this season to train the athletes.

The girls track team qualified a thrower that finished in 16th place. The boys track qualified a 4×800 relay that finished in 14th place, two throwers that were in 11th and 22nd place, and a distance runner that finished in 8th place.

Some members of the Boardman team that were able to attend from the throwers are Senior Emily Carnahan, Junior David Merdich, and Senior Nikitas Missos. The best events for the track team have always been the distance races and the throwing events (shotput and discus).

Emily Carnahan (senior) qualified for 16th place in her competition. Carnahan enjoys being on the track team because she gets the opportunity to see small improvements that her teammates have made. In an interview, Carnahan said “This sport allows you to be bigger than you and I love that”. David Merdich (junior) finished in 11th place after qualifying 14th at the state meet with a personal record of 49’3.5. Lastly, Nikitas Missos (senior) qualified for 13th place. All three qualified in the top 16th for the state.

Coach Pallini said in an interview, “I love the one on one relationships that I get to have with the athletes. I can individualize every aspect of practice for each individual kid while also creating a team atmosphere centered around everyone’s want to get better.”

Coach Sypert said in a separate interview, “My favorite part about being a track coach is seeing the ladies work hard all season long and produce big results during their “peaks”.  It’s rewarding seeing kids do something well, that they didn’t have a lot of confidence in to start.”