Humanities Club Acoustic Show

Lili D'Andrea

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On Thursday, March 7 in the cafeteria from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Humanities Club held their annual acoustic show fundraiser.

Mr. Steven Shurtleff, adviser of Humanities Club and English teacher at Boardman High School said, “The turn out was great, and everyone who performed did a really good job.”

This year, ten performers from Boardman High School got up on stage to sing or recite poems to their peers and parents. The ten performers were: Jake and the Tambouretts, who performed three songs and a poem; Addalyn Vore, who read an original poem; Ashley Policy, who sang covers of three songs while playing the ukulele; Candace Koellner, who read an original poem; The Haley Lowe Project, was  made up of a group from chamber orchestra and they played two songs; Hannah Hagerty, who sang three songs and played the guitar; Nathaniel Hunter, who read an original poem; John Blinsky, who played one song on the trombone; Haircut, which was made up of a few members of the band and they performed three songs; and Shelby Meyer, who read a short story.

Andy Beichner, a member from Haircut, stated “It was really fun performing with all my friends and the experience of performing for a smaller crowd was a lot easier than the normal band turn out. Everything is always more fun with friends though.”

“Performing orchestral music is always a risk on if people will like it or not, but everyone seemed to enjoy the songs. The group had a great time playing for fun and just being ourselves was great,” stated Marina Furman, first chair viola in orchestra and a member of The Haley Lowe Project. Ironically, the group was named after a member who was unable to make the performance and they decided to keep the name anyways as an inside joke between the group.