Bringing Shakespeare to Boardman

Elizabeth Amstutz, Editor In Chief

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The Boardman High Drama Guild is back for their last show of the school year, this time performing the Shakespeare comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The straight play was written by William Shakespeare around 1595 and is still one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies. Although the thought of Elizabethan language usually gives out an unsettling flashback to freshman English class, the BHS cast gives a new life to an old classic. “People have a tendency to look at Shakespeare’s work as dry and stuffy because it’s considered old and pretentious, but that’s not the case. Shakespeare wrote his plays for the high and powerful, but also for the poor and simple. His shows have something for everyone.” says director and Boardman High alumnus Tyler Moliterno, who is extremely excited to bring this production to BHS. A Midsummer Night’s Dream tells the story of love and mischief as four star-crossed lovers find themselves entangled in a magical forest. Although the magic of theater goes far beyond the storyline. “Midsummer is a show about magic of love, but it’s also about the magic of theatre. Even though it’s been done a hundred different ways and a million times over, I want it to feel like anything can happen” says Moliterno. “That’s the feeling I get when I’m sitting in the audience of a show, that feeling of excitement as the curtain goes up. It’s a story being told to you live in person. There’s a magical quality to that, and I think this show will hopefully compass that.”

The show features BHS students from each grade, each split into three groups usually sharing scenes together. The lovers, featuring students Dante Obritz, Timothy Fowler, Meganne Evans, Alyssa Olsen, Daniel Gordiejew, Brittany Edgell, and Anthony Vivaccqua, are a charismatic group spending the majority of the show chasing each other through the forest. The mechanicals are a fun group responsible for a lot of the comedic relief featuring David Kimpton, Jayleen Williams, David Santiago, Mia Gagliano, Sarah Moon, and Daniel Chiaberta. Last but certainly not least, the magical fairies, Elizabeth Amstutz, Lilly Klisiewicz, Kaitlyn Murray, Sami Kelley, Bella Roush, Miranda Russell, Lanny Kilpatrick, Ryleigh Neil, Morgan Spearman, Grace Weiser. This fantastic cast hopes to enchant you this February and show you a new take on an classic production. “Hopefully the audience walks away from this show with a new appreciation of what Shakespeare can be, of the magic of the ‘shadows’ of theatre, and of our very talented students who worked extremely hard to make it all come to life,” says Moliterno.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream runs February 7, 8, and 9  at 7pm in the Boardman Performing Arts Center.