Boardman High School’s very own, Mr. Shurtleff.


Maggie Parker, Staff Writer

Mr. Shurtleff teaches English to Freshmen, Sophomores and Seniors. Shurtleff enjoys teaching The Odyssey, Shakespeare, Grendel, and Fahrenheit 451. He attended Kent State University to pursue his literature degree. When asked if he would suggest Kent as a university, Shurtleff stated “I would suggest that a student attend the university that has a rigorous program for their intended major.” He feels that it does not make sense for a student to attend a University because it is popular or expensive, and graduate with a degree coupled with massive debt.

Shurtleff chose to pursue a degree in Literature because he was interested in all the subject matter and it was the way he could continue to study and discuss those subjects. Now, he is able to get paid to discuss, analyze, and write about ideas linked to literature.

His hobbies include woodworking, stone masonry, reading, cooking, biking, hiking and traveling. He does not follow any sports except soccer, but not often enough to be able to pick a team. Shurtleff is passionate about free thinking, the environment, philosophy, literature, good storytelling, and making or finding a use for what most people throw away or just ignore all together.