The Plant-Based Snack Club


Morgan Spearman, Editor

The Plant-Based Snack Club is a new organization at Boardman High School this year. This club is for everyone not just vegans, or people who take part in a plant based lifestyle. The adviser of this club is Mr. Vallinger, the Latin teacher, who is a vegan himself. He started putting this club into motion at the end of the 2017 year. Jack Pendleton is the president, and Sophia McGee helps manage and plan meetings, make food and any other problems the club may need.

The Plant-Based Club is an community to bring people together that have the same interests or just want to enjoy some delicious plant based snacks. The club is named the Plant Based club instead of the vegan club because, they want to make the club as welcoming as possible. The members have the ability to ask any questions that they may have about this lifestyle. They can learn the benefits of an plant-based lifestyle but they do not want the members to feel forced to follow this lifestyle. This club is for anyone who wants to join. The club does not have planned activities yet, due to the new arrival to BHS, but they have many exciting plans for this year and years to come.

Sophia McGee, a senior said, “ We are really looking forward to our December meeting, Christmas cookies and milk!”

The Plant-Based club is looking forward to making people discover foods that are as tasty and nutritious as foods that are not plant based. Some people have a negative denotation about the word “vegan.”

McGee talked about some stereotypes about the word, “I think there are stereotypes surrounding the word “vegan,” which is why we do not call the club the vegan club; kids automatically turn away, assuming nothing tasty, fashionable, or fun will come out of it. It is great to try new foods and expand your horizons, both intellectually and gastronomically, and we really just hang out and have fun!”

McGee has been a vegan for two years and has been vegetarian for around three years. She believes that her choice to become a vegan was the best choice she could have ever made.

McGee still lives the same she has before she became vegan, “I run track and cross country, march in the band, and bake cakes for my siblings’ birthdays; it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything I love, I just do things more mindfully.”

She became vegan due to her aunt being a vegan.

Her aunt explained to her all of the awful things that are done to animals, “Factory farms are basically prisons, and even if an animal is not killed, they are still abused.”

The first meeting of the Plant Based club was a success. They had a great turn out, they had 20 students that attended their first meeting. The first meeting was a Thanksgiving feast with all plant-based foods. They have meetings every month, but they have no day of the week set in stone for their meetings. The time of the meetings are from 3:00- 4:00 pm after school.  If you would like to take part in the PBSC, you can still take part in it at the next meeting, there is no set membership for the PBSC. Go check out the Plant-Based Snack Club!