Mr. Basista Teacher Feature


Chloe Treadway, Staff Writer

Mr. Basista is a math teacher here at Boardman High School. He teaches math 1A, math 4, and AP calculus. He said, “I like teaching 1A because this course has a huge impact on the path students take in math through the rest of highschool. I like teaching Math 4 because I am most comfortable with the content since this is my 5th year teaching it. I like teaching AP calculus because of the high level of math involved… It’s a class I am honored to be teaching.” Mr. Basista attended Youngstown State University for his bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2014. He is currently working for his Master’s degree and plans to graduate in December of 2018. He said he likes to teach because he loves math, wants to teach students math, and he wants to teach students how to love math like he does.

Mr. Basista says he’s passionate about his family and his job. He is currently engaged but is getting married this June. Mr. Basista loves watching sports and going to games. He likes the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mr. Basista says he usually attends 10 Indians games in the summer.