Forgetting About Thanksgiving


Elizabeth Amstutz, Editor In Chief

The Halloween season is well over and people are finally starting to get over the word “spooky.” Before you start putting up your Christmas tree and listening to Mariah Carey, don’t forget about the holiday completely dedicated to filling your face. That’s right, I’m talking about Thanksgiving, the actual holiday celebrated in November. We all know the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans, not to be confused with Indigenous Peoples Day which passed this October. Technically, we are celebrating the the first harvest of the Pilgrims after entering the New World. This would not have been possible without the Natives, who showed them how to plant their food. Without them, all the Pilgrims would have died of scurvy or tuberculous before the early people even made it to November. This holiday shows the first example of teamwork in America, reminding us of where we originated. This instilled the current message of giving thanks for all of the great parts of your life and to put aside all worries for one day to enjoy family and of course, food. No family? In recent years, people have began the trend of “Friendsgiving” in which the meal of gratitude is shared with the closest of friends.

Can we just take a minute to talk about the food? There is such a variety that if one dish may not be your favorite, there’s always a new one waiting. Turkey, stuffing, and my personal favorite, mashed potatoes, are so incredibly universal. Even if you’re not a fan of any of the foods, you can still have whatever food you desire. The whole day is revolved around the idea that you can eat however much food you want and nobody can judge you for it because it’s Thanksgiving. This also brings me to the idea of eating breakfast on Thanksgiving. I say no to breakfast, unless you’re superhuman because you need to physically prepare yourself for the amount of food you are about to consume. At least the amount of food you should be eating, because “I just want a small piece” is not an answer on this day. Second helpings are mandatory, third helpings are for the true warriors of the day.  So, before you head over to Grandma’s house, grab those stretchy pants or get you fingers ready to unbutton. Belts and tight dresses are not acceptable fashion choices.

For my fellow students, you know that there is absolutely nothing better than tapping the clock app on your phone and turning off every alarm. This Thanksgiving we are getting Wednesday-Friday off, including the weekend. That makes five whole days of not waking up before 7:00am, and I don’t know about you but that seems pretty great to me. Imagine how many hand turkeys you can make with that time.

You can not tell me that there is no entertainment like Christmas movies for Thanksgiving. Once you are in a food induced comatose state, you can grab your remote and remind yourself of the only holiday with a special parade extravaganza. Throughout the streets of New York City marches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a beautiful staple of American culture. There are giant floats, celebrity appearances, and popular musician performances. Not to mention the jaw-dropping broadway shows that are chosen to perform as well. The parade ends with a performance by the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, New York’s elite dancers. They are so prestigious that to make it in you have to not only have amazing dance skills but be a certain height. Yes, it’s that serious, that’s how dedicated they are to giving you an amazing show. Also, we can’t forget A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, an adorable cartoon that has been a  beloved Thanksgiving tradition for families across America. If none of these forms of entertainment tickle your fancy, there’s always a game of Thanksgiving Day football.

Trust me, I love Christmas as much as the next person, and I will rock around the Christmas tree with you anytime after Nov. 22nd. Until then, I don’t even want to smell the sweet scent of gingerbread men baking in a distant oven. Go for it, put up your tree the day after, even the day of if that’s what floats your Mayflower, but don’t skip over Thanksgiving all together.