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Boardman High School Blood Drive

Maggie Parker and Liliana D'Andrea

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On Thursday, Oct.18 in the Boardman High School gymnasium, the Red Cross held its annual blood drive. Anyone 16 years or older with parental consent participated, as long as they met the requirements.

To prepare for the blood drive, they told participants to get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, and to eat healthy throughout the day. They also said to drink more water than normal, especially right before donating. After donating, be sure to sit and relax, and have a few drinks and snacks. Make sure to continue to stay hydrated all day.

The number one reason to donate blood is because it helps save lives. There is always a need for blood. But specifically for Boardman students, the more people that donate, the better the chance of getting a scholarship for student council members that is usually divided up between the officers. The donation is a great community service act and helps benefit thousands of people. The blood, after being donated, is sent off to where it is needed most.

Eric Simione, teacher and organizer of volunteers for the drive, stated, “It’s a community service project we’ve been doing for 40 years now, and I think it’s a great thing.”


Boardman High School
Boardman High School Blood Drive