In memory of Dr. James T. E. Chengelis




In Memory of Dr. James T.E. Chengelis

                Dr. Chengelis was one of the most generous men that Boardman had to offer. Throughout his life, Dr. Chengelis dedicated much of his time and money in order to help the people around him.

After receiving his BS and BA degree from YSU, Dr. Chengelis attended the University of Toledo to receive his Master’s degree and MD. He spent a large portion of his career in Boston, Massachusetts in the field of Psychiatry. He served as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine; he also provided Psychiatric consultation, liaison, and emergency services at the Boston University Medical Center.

Dr. Chengelis served and helped people not only in his personal life, but throughout his professional career. As former Stadium Drive alumni, Dr. Chengelis helped bring the first science lab to the school. The lab was named after him due to his generous donation, and now the Chengelis Science Investigation (or the C. S. I. Lab) brings the world of science to students on a regular basis.

Dr. Chengelis sent tools and supplies, such as lab coats to the school in order to further their education. In addition, he was present during the opening of Stadium Drive’s new library. He continued to send support from his practice in Boston.

Just recently after moving back to Youngstown, Dr. Chengelis made it possible for the Bugle to go online. With his donation of six hundred dollars, the Boardman Bugle website was launched into reality. Without his generosity, this website would not be in existence.

His other acts of pure compassion and kind heartedness include the large donation to the Stadium Drive Library, Bucket Fillers program, and flags for a 9/11 ceremony. He was a man of true character, and his passion for helping will not go unnoticed.

There are many things to learn from looking at the way he lived his life. From every aspect of his time here on Earth, showed a humble and loving man that was someone to look up to. He will be dearly missed, and his legacy will go on forever.