Freshmen Cheerleaders Take on the Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic

Maggie Parker, Staff Writer

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On October 21st, the Boardman High School cheerleaders took on the 19th annual pink ribbon cheer classic, a cheer showcase where different cheer teams from all over the United States go to Youngstown State University to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The teams perform on a 54 x 42 foam floor,  anything from competition routines, halftime performances, or their favorite cheers in honor of someone they know who has been affected by breast cancer.

The BHS cheer squad spent a lot of time before the cheer classic preparing by learning their dance and cheer to get it perfect. All eight of the girls from the freshmen squad attended, including Kaylee Khlem, Riley Adams, Paige Mercer, Miranda Russell, Morgan Spearman, Hollis Bernacki, Arabella Marie and Samantha Aey. The junior varsity and varsity squad also attended. They raised a grand total of $2,830.56 to support the cause. The team took various awards home, including the biggest donor award for raising around $3,000 and first place for the best poster.

It is clear and amazing to see how passionate the cheer team is! When asked a few questions about the cheer classic, Morgan Spearman said “My favorite part of the competition was meeting the different girls and boys that had the same passion that I did.”

Samantha Aey responded to the same question by saying “My favorite part was getting to watch the other teams perform and the thought of getting to cheer for a good cause. I also liked getting to see the survivors of breast cancer.”

Miranda Russell commented on the PRCC “It was a great experience and a great fundraiser to raise breast cancer awareness! It also helped bring the community together and raise money to contribute towards research and finding a cure. I had a great time and made a lot of memories too!”