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Yeva Kulinich, Staff Writer

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Each year millions students try to catch their chance and go to other countries as exchange students. This year in Boardman High school there three exchange students.

My name is Yeva Kulinich. I am a staff writer and a foreign exchange student. I am 16 and I am from Ukraine. To being an exchange student mean that you will be alone without your family and friends in the other country. In America I live with my host family and found new friends. First month was very difficult because of other language and other traditions. There are so much differences between our countries. For example, in Ukraine the main part of people live in apartments, we study 11 years and each year we have near 20 subjects. In Ukraine I walk to my school 30 minutes every day. First weeks I had cultural shock. I miss my parents and my friends but they always support me. I am here with some personal and program goals. I try to explore American culture and share my culture with Americans.

Lars Wiek is a girl from Germany and she just turned 16 a month ago. She came to America to improve her English and to become more independent and self-confident.She also wants to see how people live far away from her home. She is interested in all the differences from the cultures. Her family and her boyfriend always support her. They always ready to help her. Her friends support her as well, since she has been here their friendship didn’t get worse but better because of the distance. She released how much they mean to her. She discovered that the life is very different over here, especially the school system. Also she discovered that cars are being used way more in America. In Germany she always drive 2 miles by bike to her school and also in her free time she could go everywhere by bike or public transport. She misses her friends and her family and at the beginning she missed German food but now all is OK. The most surprised for her that there are barely any breaks during the school day. In German schools their schedules are different from day to day during the week but the weeks are the same. She wants to share every experience with her family and friends since it is so different

Mattis Striggow is from German. He is 16 years old. He came to America to meet new people and to have a great time. All family and friends support him. He discovered for himself that in America everyone gets free refills. He has so many happy and amazing moment that he even did not think about it. He was surprised by the fact that people can start drive at the age of 16 in America. He wants to share all about his soccer games.

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