Manifest Review

Jenna Hardie, Staff writer

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Manifest” premiered on NBC on Sept. 24, 2018. This science fiction TV series is about Montego Air Flight 828. On the flight home the passengers were in the midst of major turbulence, but everyone on the airplane returned home safely. Little did they know that five years had past. Friends and families of the passengers on the plane had mourned their loss and moved on. The passengers and crew members thought only a couple of hours had gone by. Everyone on the plane had been given a second chance at life. Soon they realized that they were designed for much more than they expected.

The TV series on Rotten Tomatoes received that 80% of the audience likes the first episode. It also obtained a ⅘ rating. It has some mixed reviews but Trey Mangum stated, “It has a lot to say- and its premise is enough to keep you watching to find out what happens”. Kevin Yeoman who writes for Screen Rant stated, “As the season progresses, perhaps it will find a way to develop the characters as well as the mysteries surrounding them, but for the time being, a reason to be genuinely intrigued by Manifest has yet to materialize”.