Girls Soccer Overview


Chloe Treadway, Staff Writer

Girls Soccer Overview


The girls varsity soccer team is doing well this season here at BHS. Their overall record is 5-2 currently.

Their latest game was away against Massillon Washington high school. Boardman won 16-0. Isabella Alvarico scored 5 goals, the most out of everyone. Kathryn Taghaboni scored 3 goals. Gia Ditullio saved 2 balls.

The girls said they have rigorously worked hard and long for these wins. They have practice almost daily with their head coach, Agni Cvercko. Conditioning sessions are occasionally twice a day and are sometimes over two hours long.

According to Gia Ditullio, the team’s goalkeeper, the coaches push everyone to be their absolute best. Hope Burford, center back and center mid,  says, “everyone on the team works beautifully together.”

Agni Cvercko, Amy Smith, Lindsay Tokarsky, and Megan Scriber are the girl’s new coaches for the following years. Several girls stated that their coaches pushed them to their limits for maximum improvement.

The team has two main fundraisers for the season. They host the Boardman Preview which allows several schools visit and compete. Fan Cloth, which makes and orders athletic clothing, is the other way they raise money.