Dancing the night away at Prom

Liliana D'Andrea, Editor in Chief

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On Friday, May 4 starting at 7 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. the annual school prom will be held at Mr. Anthony’s. Prom court this year includes; Judy Garzanich, Brittany Jonda, Lexus Willis, Casey Zaitzew, Riley Zawrotuk, Steven Amstutz, John Anzevino, Callen Aulizia, Bobby Jonda and Patrick Kale.

“I was surprised and humbled to have been nominated. Thank you to all the students who voted for me. I’m very glad to have made friends with so many people including some of the faculty at BHS, it has been great.” stated Callen Aulizia, who is attending prom with Mikel Flatley.

A question asked to the court was why they felt they were nominated.

“I am the only one not afraid to wear my crocs in public” answered John Anzevino who is attending with Kenzie Packo.

“ I believe I was nominated because I participate in sports. I am a leader (very good leader to underclassmen). I have several friends. I am a likable person because I am very friendly, anyone can count on me.” said Lexus Willis, attending the dance with Bryson Gilmore who is not a BHS student.

“My friends wanted to see me on the court, they also have a hashtag #finishthedream.” answered Bobby Jonda, who is attending with Cassie Stitt.

Another question asked and answered was how do they feel about being nominated for their senior prom.

“I feel honored,” said Brittany Jonda who will be attending with Bryan Kordupel.

“Excited because both of my parents were on prom court,” answered Riley Zawrotuk, who is attending with Jake Kimble.

“Sensational,” answered Steven Amstutz who is attending with Hailey Marcus.