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Educating on the Tax Levy

liliana d'andrea, Editor in Chief

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On Tuesday, March 20 in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm the School Board held a “State of the Schools” meeting to discuss plans for after the tax levy and what the levy is about.

They are asking for $4.9 million in May on the tax levy. Over the past five years Ohio school funding has withheld $25 million because we are considered a “cap district.”

The School Board came up with Plan A and Plan B for after the tax levy. If the levy passes, Plan A is what will happen. It includes trimming $500,000, four teachers across the district and some high school math classes and phasing out a foreign language.

Plan B includes cutting a million dollars, cutting student cleaning help, eliminating three bus routes, increasing athletic fee and cutting 12 staff members.


Boardman High School
Educating on the Tax Levy