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Rolled Ice Cream Review

Ella Hare, Feature Writer

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Bojo’s Creamery in Boardman opened another shop in a new location with a new twist, rolled ice cream. Rolled ice cream has become a big trend in the past year, usually only found in bigger cities. Since Bojo’s opening on March 6th, their rolled ice cream sundaes have been a big hit.

“The place was nice and it was cool to watch them make your order, the flavor was great,” says Mark Lanterman, a Bojo’s customer.

The atmosphere was very comfortable, there were many areas to sit such as couches, tables, and even a small kids table to sit at. The rolled ice cream is made to order right in front of the customer, which is part of the experience. The liquid milk mixture is poured onto a frozen skillet while the employee mixes a topping into the mixture as it hardens. The ice cream is then flattened and rolled into six separate rolls and topped with more toppings.

Although the ice cream is more on the expensive side, the experience and the sundae-like effect makes it worth trying. For the whole month of March, they are offering a sale for any student who wears their school apparel they will receive one dollar off their rolled ice cream sundae.

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Rolled Ice Cream Review