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Snapchat Update Angers Users

Julia Bruno, Photographer

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On Feb. 9th Snapchat came out with a new update which angered many people. The update is confusing and hard to use causing people to use Snapchat a lot less.

The new update moved the Snapchat stories onto the right causing people to lose views when they post stories. This effects famous social media bloggers because less people can find their story.

This problem is trending on Twitter daily with accounts bashing Snapchat and stating to reverse the update. Snapchat has received millions of complaints and many people are beginning to use Instagram to post their stories instead of Snapchat.

Paige Dill says, “The new update makes me want to delete the app entirely.”

Although with the millions of complaints to Snapchat they are still not reversing the update. Snapchat believes that it will just take people getting used to the update.

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Snapchat Update Angers Users