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Mr. Spartan competition will be held Thursday

Makenna Glaser, Copy Editor

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On Thurs. Feb. 15, nine Junior guys will be competing in the Performing Arts Center for the title of Mr. Spartan and a chance to be a leader of their class by showcasing their talents.

The Juniors include Tino Arcuri, Andy Beichner, Ivan Bosnjak, Alex Huzicka, Nikitas Missos, Manny Perez, Colin Russell, David Santiago and Miles Spearman. The competition will include a dance with a teacher and a talent showcase, among other things. The prizes will be getting the best spot in the student parking lot and free admission to all sporting events and school dances.

Manny Perez and Colin Russell claim that they decided they wanted to run for Mr. Spartan when they attended the competition freshman year.

Manny adds, “Winning Mr. Spartan would be awesome, but I really just wanted to experience going out there, making people laugh, and busting a move with Mr. Zetts.”

The competition’s main focus is on entertainment. The competitors aim to make people laugh and bring the school together. Tino Arcuri wishes to showcase this purpose by “doing crazy things” and just having fun.

Miles Spearman wants to win the competition for the “performance family” and have music in the spotlight instead of athletics. He wishes to bring the athletes, scholars and musicians together to form one big Spartan family.

The purpose of the Mr. Spartan competition is to entertain and bring people together and will definitely be serving that purpose this week.

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Mr. Spartan competition will be held Thursday