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Super blue blood moon arrives for the first time in years

Ashley Clark, Editor in Chief

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On Tues. Jan. 31, a super blue blood moon was present around 5:30 am and gave viewers a total lunar eclipse if they were in the location. This supermoon is special because it’s the third in a series of supermoons and is 14 percent brighter than usual.

The three types of moons it includes are the blue moon, blood moon, and supermoon. A blue moon is the second blue moon in a month. A blood moon gives the moon a reddish tint when it is in the Earth’s shadow. A supermoon is when the moon appears particularly large in the sky when it approaches the Earth.

The lunar eclipse was the first to coincide with a Blue Moon in over 150 years. It was also the second supermoon of 2018. Along with this, it passed through Earth’s shadow, causing the reddish tint, which gave it the name “super blue blood moon.”

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Super blue blood moon arrives for the first time in years