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While students shy away from debt; loans become necessary for education

Matthew Ellis, Entertainment Coordinator

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As the class of 2018 heads toward adulthood, many questions arise. Majors, location all prey on the minds of seniors today, but paying for it all seems like a topic many want to avoid.

While the vast majority of the class of 2018 are not willing to take out more than $10,000 in student loan debt, close to 23 percent of people are willing to take out more than $30,000 of debt.

From my poll it seems that people have a grasp on what interest is and what it would be however the actual effect the interest would have seemed to escape them. When I said that with interest their $80 thousand dollar debt  would effectively be over $130 thousand dollars, they were taken aback.

One of the saddest results that came in from my poll was that over 90 percent of people polled were confident that they would find a job in their field after graduation. In a Washington Post article published in 2013, the US Bureau of the Census showed that 62 percent of recent graduates had a job that required a college degree, and only 27 percent had a job directly related to their field of study.

While with economic gains over the last four years, jobs are more plentiful, the debt people are taking out is becoming more of a risk with government cuts and interest hikes. With this being taken into account better education on the matter would be useful for students to make the best decision for their future.

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While students shy away from debt; loans become necessary for education